In the race for Buchanan County Collector, incumbent candidate Democrat Peggy Campbell earned the win over Republican Brett Halsey on Tuesday.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Cambell unofficially earned more than 17,000 votes, garnering 57 percent of the vote to Halsey’s 42 percent.

Celebrating at San Jose Steakhouse on Tuesday evening, Campbell said she was glad for the win.

“It is quite an honor that the citizens would put me back in,” she said.

“I have worked really hard for them and so to be able to go into work tomorrow and know that we can continue with the work we’re doing, making sure they’re taken care of and efficiency continues, I’m very thrilled with what’s happening right now.”

Campbell has worked in the collector’s office since 1983 and has served as the collector since 2007. She said she felt her experience was the victory-making factor in Tuesday’s election, just the second in which she’s faced a challenger.

“Tonight was looking for knowledge and experience. I think the voters can understand this is not just a job that you go into knowing right off the bat. There’s more to it, and they understood that,” Campbell said.

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{tableAssetData}{table_headers}Candidate Votes Percent Precincts reporting{/table_headers}

{table_rows}{row}Peggy Campbell (D) 17,031 58& 26 of 26{/row}

{row}Brett Halsey (R) 12,516 42% {/row}{/table_rows}



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Candidate Votes Percent Precincts reporting
Peggy Campbell (D) 17,031 58& 26 of 26
Brett Halsey (R) 12,516 42%