Frank Myers, general manager of Quality Inn in Cameron, stands in front of the free mattresses the hotel is giving away for the next few weeks on Friday morning.

CAMERON, Mo — A hotel is giving away around 60 mattresses to anyone who needs them.

Quality Inn, 1803 Quality Lane, is in the process of replacing all of its mattresses. Instead of sending the 5-year-old King- and Queen-sized mattresses and box springs to the landfill, the hotel is making them available to organizations and individuals free of charge.

“They’re in good shape,” general manager Frank Myers said. “They have their wear and tear, they have some stains, but they have been bleached, cleaned and are 100% bug-free.”

It’s not the first time Quality Inn is giving away mattresses. During a remodel in 2015, the hotel also gave away its old mattresses when new ones were purchased. Myers said he doesn’t know if it’s standard hotel practice, but he knew he didn’t want the mattresses to go to waste.

“I’d much rather give them to someone who needs them, rather than them end up in a landfill,” he said.

Myers knows first-hand a new mattress isn’t always in everyone’s budget.

“I know how it is. I’ve been in that situation. I’ve been on my own since I was 18. I’m now almost 40, and this year was the first year I bought a brand new bed. They’ve always been used,” he said.

The mattresses are located in a storage unit in the hotel’s parking lot. The unit is unlocked and anyone can come by and take as many as they need, although Myers asks to let the front desk know when picking up mattresses.

Myers expects to put out around 20 mattresses each week over the next two to three weeks. To check how many mattresses are left before heading to the hotel, call Quality Inn at 816-632-5655.

“I just hope they go to individuals who need them,” Myers said. “It doesn’t matter to me where they go, as long as they get put to good use.”

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