Two entrepreneurs recognized for business prowess

From left to right: Dr. Philip Frank, Kendall Randolph, Chris Lanman and Annette Weeks.

The Craig School of Business and Center for Entrepreneurship at Missouri Western State University awarded two individuals with entrepreneur awards.

Kendall Randolph of Sunshine Electronic Display and Hi-Ho Bar and Grill received the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year award and Chris Lanman received the 2021 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award. A ceremony was held at Missouri Western to recognize the two winners.

“I just appreciate the award. I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from my business partners and a lot of other people that have been very helpful along the way,” said Randolph. “It certainly isn’t a one-man operation and I couldn’t have done it alone.”

Lanman co-founded River Bluff Brewing in St. Joseph. He echoed the same sentiment Randolph did by thanking those who have helped him during his journey as an entrepreneur the last decade.

“Honestly, it was a huge surprise. I was definitely very honored. I definitely took it as an award for our company, River Bluff Brewing. It was really for the company, not me.” said Lanman.

Lanman grew up in St. Joseph from the age of 10, so it was fitting that the business that he is known for would plant itself where he mostly grew up. He also graduated from Missouri Western State University. He says he thinks in the U.S., you won’t find many places like St. Joseph, where a town of roughly 70,000 people can support craft brewing companies other than the one he co-founded.

“We were extremely proud to be one of the first to come in and really show St. Joe what craft beer is and start the education of craft beer,” said Lanman. “St. Joe was the perfect destination for us, and the majority of us being St. Joe natives, there was no question St. Joe was going to be our home base.”

River Bluff Brewing has been working toward the opening of its second location at the River Market in Kansas City, Missouri. While that opening has been delayed, they hope to open their second location by September.

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