Castle Bridge is becoming the coolest place many don't know about

Castle Bridge Event Center sits nine miles from Dekalb, Missouri and 17 miles from Atchison, Kansas.

Castle Bridge Event Center has been on the outskirts of St. Joseph for over a decade as a hidden treasure to the city.

Located at 8403 U.S. Highway 59, this venue is more known for hosting weddings in the months when weddings are more prevalent. However, come Wednesday nights, Castle Bridge is more than that.

“The entertainment is all geared around family. Typically around 8 o’clock is when the live entertainment gets done and it turns into more of a weekly nightclub,” said owner of Castle Bridge, Kevin Carver.

Originally built in 2007 and eventually opened as Castle Bridge in 2014, the business acted as a winery before becoming an entertainment venue with a capacity of 260. Carver had taken his passion for wineries from his house to Castle Bridge, but once the interest sparked and the two-floor building became an old-school hosting site for birthday parties and other events, he realized he had no room for the wine anymore and moved it all back home.

“It got so big that we didn’t have room for the wine back to the house and we just kind of grew from there,” said Carver.

Dimly lit and rustically appealing to most, many don’t know that the venue sits where it does.

Castle Bridge employee, Sam Everly, says there are not many places like it based on its different type of feel and the fact that it’s open to the public only once a week when many are trying to get over the hump.

“You look at it from the outside and it looks like an all-metal building. You come inside and you’re kind of taken back because it’s so rustic in here and it’s kind of like going back in time,” said Everly.

While they don’t do a lot of marketing and advertising, Everly says they want to continue getting the word out about the venue. Castle Bridge has seating indoors and outdoors along with a bridge running north to south with a large fountain just to the corner.

“It is interesting, we have a lot of local weddings and we get the same thing every time since we’ve been open for seven years,” said Carver. “People will say, ‘Wow, we didn’t know this place existed,’ and that’s kind of a cool thing; it’s kind of a hidden secret.”

The business hopes to expand into more space in the future now that more space has become available. The event center will also plan on hosting a Renaissance Festival for one week in the fall of 2022 with more details to come.

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