Steve Carrillo, local marketing and branding expert, has made it his goal in the last week to put together a video for Downtown St. Joseph that will capture the area’s uniqueness.

Carrillo was a 13-year resident of the Downtown area and has been piecing together various clips of action, landscape and other video clips in order to make one promotional video that is poised to attract the attention of locals and visitors.

“It’s really just to let people know that the Downtown has changed and it’s a perfect opportunity to come down, for them to reintroduce themselves to you because their game has changed so much over the last five years,” said Carrillo.

Carrillo’s Downtown campaign video has been seen in shorter versions on the Downtown St. Joseph Facebook page and is expected to be seen in an extended format soon. His method of hooking the audience the second they see the short version or extended version is one many video production experts will use.

“Whether that video is 10 seconds, 15, 30 or 60 seconds, I have to be able to capture people’s attention,” said Carrillo.

Carrillo was approached with the idea of doing a video for Downtown by Felix Street Gourmet and Room 108 owner, Pat Modlin, with whom Carrillo had done video work previously.

“Getting with Steve, he’s so creative. We talked about how we create a kind of a theme for people to get out and walk around. Just talking with Steve, he has so many ideas and just kind of ran with it,” said Modlin.

The last 12 months for Downtown has made for some turbulence and some excitement. From the welcoming of migrating businesses such as Hazel’s Coffee and Three Wishes Bakery to the closing and reopening of businesses like Brioche Cafe and Bakery and Felix Street Pub, Carrillo’s video production will have a specific goal in mind.

“It is to get the locals to come back down,” said Carrillo. This video could reach tourism, but it’s really to get the locals to come back down and have them have more of an appreciation for what we have.”

Carrillo said all of the video clips used for the Downtown campaign video were taken on his cell phone and also the editing process was done on his cell phone.

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