Bracy's Going On The Road

Bracy’s has been at their current location for the last five years.

While Bracy’s Cafe, located on Francis Street in Downtown St. Joseph, is closing its doors on Nov. 25, a new door has opened.

Bracy’s will take its rather extensive menu of homemade foods, trim it down to the popular items, and open a food trailer after the holidays called The Brunch Box and be located through more populous points throughout the city.

After financial complications due to COVID-19, the decision to have to close Bracy’s storefront location was not easy for owner Brett Dalby.

“We appreciate our customers immensely and enjoy every one of them that come in,” Dalby said.

The cafe’s first location on the corner of 10th and Patee streets was just 235 square feet. At that time, they only sold desserts and operated under a different name.

When the owners of the building where Bracy’s is currently located came to Dalby and offered a bigger space for them to operate as a business, the investment resulted in a five-year growth to better success. They added breakfast and lunch to their menu and still to the day cater pies and other pastry items for events.

The pandemic has really hit small businesses with a flurry of struggles and Bracy’s became the latest victim.

“Our revenues are probably off 60 to 80% just depending upon what day. I’ve been in here on one Saturday and not had a single customer,” Dalby said.

However, the new endeavor that includes The Brunch Box will keep Bracy’s food on the map, just under a different name and in a different form of service.

“You either change with the times or get left behind,” Dalby said.

While The Brunch Box will be his main focus for the moment, Dalby said he will also reassess in a couple of years whether having another storefront location will be worth having again.

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