Boehringer Ingelheim transitioning to renewable wind energy for St. Joseph animal vaccine manufacturing site

In a release Monday, Boehringer Ingelheim announced plans to transition one of their manufacturing sites to renewable wind energy. A leader in animal health since the late 1800s, Boehringer Ingelheim employs nearly 1,000 people in St. Joseph.

Boehringer Ingelheim announced Monday its St. Joseph animal vaccine manufacturing site will be transitioning to renewable energy as part of a broader sustainability effort, according to a release from the company.

In line with it’s global Go Green initiative, the company has been doing projects focused on of environmental sustainability for a number of years. The most recent project revolves around wind energy.

Vice President of Operations for Boehringer Ingelheim, Scott Davis, says the decision to make the transition to renewable energy will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissions by 76% with the switch to wind energy.

“From our perspective, one of the main reasons for doing this initiative is from the environmental perspective. We know that being an environmental steward for this community is important and it’s an expectation as a society as well,” said Davis.

Recently, Boehringer Ingelheim signed a 10-year contract with Evergy in which wind energy generated from a particular wind farm purchased and procured by Evergy in Kansas is also purchased by Boehringer to utilize the wind power at their St. Joseph animal vaccine manufacturing facility.

“Customer interest in renewable energy really drove the need, and Evergy went out to seek wind under the tariff that we have in place, so it helps customers to get all of the benefits of the window without having to do that on their own; it kind of streamlines the process for them,” Kevin Brannan, Evergy manager, said.

Davis acknowledges that while the company as a whole would like to see the St. Joseph manufacturing sites have their carbon emissions down to 0%, it is very difficult to do. However, they have a strategy for projects and activities to improve upon carbon emission reduction.

“To get to the point of reaching carbon neutrality, we have not figured that out yet on what it will take to actually get there,” said Davis. “I will say that Boehringer Ingelheim supports investments with regards to these environmental sustainability projects.”

Davis says one Boehringer Ingelheim site in Gainesville, Georgia, is moving toward carbon neutrality and has every plan and intent to do so.

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