The Big Fish

Eyeing an opening date in mid-November, The Big Fish, located at 220 S. Eighth St., is set to be the first thrift store dedicated to art supplies in St. Joseph.

The canvas has been set for St. Joseph to welcome its first art thrift store into a Downtown location, and St. Joseph creative types are in for a treat.

The Big Fish plans to open its retail location at 220 S. Eighth St. sometime in mid-November, and artists will have the chance to purchase new and used art supplies at a fraction of the cost.

Deborah Gentry and Rosie Lammoglia, owners of The Big Fish, said they’re excited to bring deals on premium items to the St. Joseph art community.

“People don’t truly understand how expensive some art supplies are,” Gentry said. “A simple tube of watercolor paint can be as much as $7. We’re excited to offer it for much less.”

Donations from patrons and those in the local art community are the reason the thrift store has become a reality for Gentry and Lammoglia.

“Everything you’ll see in the shop is all thanks to donors and people wanting to support artists in St. Joseph,” Gentry said. “We can’t thank the donors enough. We didn’t expect this amount of support before even opening.”

With an outpouring of support and donations coming in left and right and before the business has even opened, Lammoglia said she’s excited to offer more than just a nice discount on products.

“We’re really aiming to be a spot of inspiration,” Lammoglia said. “Deborah and I both are knowledgeable in this field, and we want everyone who comes in here to feel supported and comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone with their art.”

With Gentry having a bachelor’s degree in art and Lammoglia having a Bachelor of Arts in printmaking, the creative pair are set on making The Big Fish a hub for all things art.

“We don’t necessarily know if we’ll do any classes or workshops,” Gentry said. “But as long as we’re here and encouraging people with their own art, that’s all that matters.”

Those who are interested in donating items to The Big Fish can contact Gentry or Lammoglia at the store.

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