$10 million winning lottery ticket sold in St. Joseph

A $10 million winning lottery ticket was sold at a Trex Mart in St. Joseph.

A $10 million winning lottery ticket was sold at a convenience store in St. Joseph.

A manager at Trex Mart, located at 3625 King Hill Ave., confirmed the ticket was cashed on July 20.

It was a $300 Million Explosion scratcher ticket that was bought for $30.

Kayla Tracy, who purchased the winning ticket, said she bought that one because it was shiny. Now, she’s in a spot to change her family’s lives.

“Absolute first thing I wanted to do, I wanted to do since I was a kid — I prayed on it — is to pay my grandparent’s house off. That’s number one,” Tracy said. “I just know the first thing I’m going to do is take care of my grandparents, my mom, and my family.”

Even with the winnings on the way, Tracy plans to continue working and going to school.

“I still do the same things. I still go to work. I still do my homework every day like nothing is different for me,” she said.

Tracy said she has always wanted to own a business and can now see that happening. But, the first plans with that money will include others.

“I would just say that no matter how much money you won, you have to remember where you came from and all of that could be gone at any moment. So stay humble,” she said.

People in the community shared what they would do if they won $10 million dollars.

“If I won $10 million, first off I wouldn’t work anymore, that’s for sure, and play a lot of golf,” said Marcus Miyamoto, general manager of the Angry Swede.

“I would buy a horse,” Autumn Beauman said. “I would buy 10 horses and go to the beach.”

“Go to put it for college and that place where the old people stay and homeless people,” said Azealynn Hogan.

The lottery commission is currently in possession of the winning ticket. Tracy said she is excited to receive her winnings.

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