Buchanan County EMS reflect on wrecks they ran

EMS crews are dispatched to almost all wrecks, even if the injuries are unknown. Local crews are seeing trends of less severe injuries than in prior years.

Buchanan County EMS crews are seeing a trend of less severe injuries in car crashes than in previous years.

Buchanan County EMT and public relations coordinator Andrew King talked about the number of accidents to which they responded.

“Last year we ran about 630 wrecks. We transported about 410 of them, but about 47% of total wrecks we ran involved an airbag deployment,” King said.

When asked why crews were seeing a decrease of injuries, King said, “The biggest thing we’re seeing with accidents now is less injuries because of proper safety devices such as airbags, seat belts, proper child seats, things like that.”

EMS crews are dispatched to almost every wreck, especially when injuries are unknown.

“Of the accidents we ran last year, we didn’t transport 216. We did (transport) about 410,” King said. “There’s a whole myriad of reasons why maybe we did or didn’t transport somebody.”

King went on to say that just because EMS didn’t transport someone doesn’t mean they weren’t injured, they just chose not to ride an ambulance.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Department of Public Safety shared preliminary statistics in a news release showing a decrease in traffic

crash fatalities.

The release stated that Missouri showed a 4.9% decrease in fatalities compared to the previous year. There were 876 deaths in 2019 in traffic accidents, compared to 921 killed in 2018.

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