1407 N. 3rd house

A house located at 1407 N. Third St. sits in shambles following a house fire on Feb. 20. The destroyed home became a crime scene two months later when the body of 14-year-old Cameron Satterley was discovered inside.

A juvenile court judge has found beyond a reasonable doubt that two allegations are true against a 10-year-old believed to be involved in the death of Cameron Satterley.

The boy is one of two juveniles who remained under investigation in the death 14-year-old Satterley, who died in a house fire on Feb. 20 and whose body was not discovered until April 25. A third minor was charged in the case, but a judge dismissed his charge for abandonment of a corpse in May.

However, the judge found there was enough evidence to believe the 10-year-old had committed the class A felony of arson and the class E felony of involuntary manslaughter. Details on what evidence was presented in court and what is believed to have happened the night of the fire are closed to the public because those involved are juveniles.

The preteen was originally charged with arson and abandonment of corpse, but the charges were amended to arson and involuntary manslaughter during court proceedings, according to Linda Meyer of the Buchanan County Juvenile Office.

A disposition hearing will be held Tuesday, Sept. 24, for the boy to determine whether he should be placed on probation or in the custody of the Buchanan County Academy or a Division of Youth Services program.

Meyer said a social investigative summary will be conducted to help the judge in this decision. Factors that go into the summary are history of school issues, legal trouble, substance abuse, diagnoses and family life, to name a few.

The other minor still involved in the case, who is 11, will not be appearing in court until Wednesday, Nov. 13.

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