With an AFC West title and MVP in Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs camp may see some record-breaking numbers this summer. But with higher numbers come more security measures.

Jill Voltmer, the chief of university police at Missouri Western, said the crowds always have come to camp with a great attitude. However, contingencies are in place to make sure that everyone attending feels safe while watching their favorite players practice.

The newest addition to these security measures, a bag check at the entrance near Missouri Western’s scoreboard, will be all too familiar to those who have attended a Chiefs or Royals game.

“We want people to be very educated about that, because we don’t want there to be a big bottleneck with people backed up,” Voltmer said. “Last year, our largest day was 7,000 people. We anticipate we’ll have several days of that this year.”

Prohibited items can be found on the Kansas City Chiefs website under the training camp tab, though signs across campus and in the parking areas will inform attendees of what they can and cannot bring along.

These items include coolers, noisemakers, selfie sticks, alcohol, flammable liquids and signs, banners or flags that exceed a certain size, among other things.

“One of our contingencies is that we have added several different officers to give us more manpower,” Voltmer said of the security. “We’ve come up with a traffic plan with the city of St. Joseph traffic division, so we hope that will be more organized. We don’t know what the numbers are going to be, but we’re going to prepare for them.”

Each summer, about 30,000 to 50,000 visitors have attended Chiefs camp, though the number is expected to rise significantly this year.

Ropes, cones and guides will direct attendees through permitted areas, and a Mosaic Life Care tent will house water as well as a medical team should the heat be too intense.

“We have a great collaboration with Chiefs security. Several different stakeholders come and we meet and debrief and see how things could be better, and we try to implement those things next year,” Voltmer said of her experience with camps of the past. “This is the 10th year, so we were able to pull on other people’s knowledge to make it better.”

The Chiefs will begin camp on Wednesday, July 24. Practices are closed to the general public until Saturday, July 27, and they will run through Thursday, Aug. 15.

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