Scott Louis, left, director of photography, shoots Erik Borger, owner of il Lazzarone on Tuesday morning. Feast TV was shooting an episode about pizza, which will include two other pizza places in Missouri.

St. Joseph’s il Lazzarone pizzeria is about to be on magazine pages and TV screens across the Midwest.

The authentic Italian restaurant on Frederick Avenue, which is about to celebrate its two-year anniversary, will soon be featured in Feast magazine and on its Emmy award winning TV show.

On Tuesday, camera crews from Feast TV were at the restaurant, capturing owner Erik Borger’s story and the authentic cuisine he serves as part of the new season’s 10th episode.

“We’re in the process right now of filming 13 episodes for our 2016 season,” said Catherine Neville, producer of Feast TV and publisher for Feast magazine. “And this particular episode we’re showing people a lot of different styles of pizza.”

On the walls of the pizzeria is a certification written in Italian. It explains that il Lazzarone makes authentic Neapolitan style pizza, with almost all their ingredients imported from Naples, Italy.

“We cook our pizza for 60 to 90 seconds at 1,000 degrees,” said Borger, who’s also the chef at il Lazzarone. “All of our meats, besides the Scimeca sausage from Kansas City, are from Italy. The dough is from Italy, even all of our wine is Italian.”

Il Lazzarone has since expanded to Kansas City, but was established in St. Joseph for a special reason.

“I started in St. Joseph because this is where my heart and soul is,” Borger said. “We wanted to give a product that serves the people of this city and that you could find 300 years ago in Naples when they invented pizza.”

Other pizza places in the episode will be Shakespeare’s Pizza near University of Missouri, and frozen St. Louis style pizza.

“At il Lazzarone the pizza is very pared down. It’s very pure,” Neville said. “It’s the first pizza ever made, and Erik’s a pro at it, so that’s why we are here.”

Feast magazine started in St. Louis and now covers restaurants throughout Missouri, Kansas and southern Illinois. Restaurant owners can apply to be featured by contacting them online.

“Shoot us an email, get in touch with us via social media. Feast magazine is always looking for stories,” said Neville.

The Feast TV episode that features il Lazzarone will be on CBS this spring, but it will be quicker to view it online at feastmagazine.com/feast_tv.

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