Various law enforcement including Crime Scene Investigators were on the scene after St. Joseph police confirm two people are dead after a shooting Sunday morning on Safari Drive.

Two people are dead after a shooting Sunday morning on Safari Drive, authorities confirmed.

St. Joseph police did not release information on the two victims or any potential suspects Sunday. A large police presence was visible on the 1900 block of Safari Drive for most of the day.

Marlene Arthur, a resident who has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years, was outside with her two granddaughters when a relative told her why there was a heavy police presence down the road. She immediately took the two girls inside and said her 5-year-old granddaughter asked if there were “bad guys” outside.

“It’s scary for them,” Arthur said. “You try to explain it the best you can. ... Just remind them they’re safe and there are bad people in this world.”

Crime Scene Investigators were on scene and St. Joseph Police detectives canvassed the area talking to residents.

Arthur said she was shocked to hear a shooting happened in the area. She described the neighborhood as quiet and family-friendly.

“At first it was just disbelief,” Arthur said of her initial reaction. “There’s always kids out here riding their bike up and down the street, people taking walks, walking their dogs. I would have never in a million years believed that this would have happened in this neighborhood. But I don’t think any neighborhood is immune to it anymore.”

Rebecca Evans, a resident who recently moved to the neighborhood, said she too was surprised a shooting happened nearby.

“We were sitting here watching TV and planning our day. We thought that people just had leftover fireworks,” Evans said. “We just heard a pop, pop, pop, and within five minutes we saw the ambulance.”

The road was blocked off at Arrowhead and Safari drives and a portion of Lion Road at Safari Drive also was closed. Officials would not confirm details of the incident Sunday, including if the shooting occurred outside. However, a body could be seen in a green van parked in a driveway on Safari Drive.

Police received a call of shots fired in that area around 10:18 a.m. Sunday. Officers put police crime scene tape around a larger portion of the neighborhood just after 11:30 a.m.

Sgt. Roy Hoskins, St. Joseph Police Department, said they did so because investigators found shell casings on Lion Road.

An ambulance also was on the scene. Hoskins said detectives were investigating the shooting and searching the area for evidence.

Detectives were expected to be on the scene for several hours, into Sunday evening. Hoskins advised residents living in the crime scene area who needed to get to their home to contact police.

“If they contact an officer, we’ll accommodate them and get them into the area,” Hoskins said Sunday afternoon.

A school bus stop is located at the corner of Arrowhead Drive and Lion Road — about a block away from where the shooting occurred, Arthur said.

“It makes you wonder ‘are you safe to even let your kids out front to go to the bus? Where are you safe anymore?’” Arthur said.

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