With no car, Jeannie Marmaud set out to convince the manager at the local restaurant to deliver outside their established area. If they wouldn’t deliver the food, she figured she would at least meet them where their delivery territory ended.

“I told them the situation (about my husband) and they said they would do it,” she said. “Maybe I sounded desperate that day. But I was determined to get him his sandwich.”

Cancer had kept John Marmaud from enjoying some simple pleasures in life. For months, the St. Joseph man had eaten very little. It was the downhill slide of his four-year battle with the deadly disease.

“But he didn’t complain once,” Mrs. Marmaud said. “When things were bad, we’d order in. We could do that sometimes.”

Those special occasions weren’t frequent, so it was surprising when Mr. Marmaud requested a sandwich from Jimmy Johns in St. Joseph. He wanted tuna, lettuce and onion.

“When we were making his sandwich, I said ‘Please, please don’t mess up this sandwich,’” said Kristin Duke, owner of the local Jimmy Johns. “We were very careful to only put lettuce and onion on it.”

But the owners and staff took what is a normal routine into a truly compassionate act. Not only did Jimmy Johns deliver outside their area, but they wouldn’t let the Marmauds pay for their lunch.

“I’m trying to pay the woman, and she says ‘No, you have enough going on,’” Mrs. Marmaud said. “It was a very kind act from a very nice business. Compassion is not dead in this world.”

Mr. Marmaud lost his fight with cancer June 15. Mrs. Marmaud said his lunch from Jimmy Johns was probably the last real meal he had.

“I had been thinking and praying about them,” Mrs. Duke said. “Jeannie called when he died to say ‘thank you.’ She really wasn’t asking for anything (that day). I’m glad we could do that for her.”

International Paper also donated sturdy boxes for Mrs. Marmaud to begin packing up her late husband’s belongings, and then move to a new home.

There will be a memorial Mass at 1 p.m. today at St. Francis Xavier Church.

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