WHEELING, Mo. — A 10-year-old Mennonite boy was killed when his horse-drawn buggy was struck by a sport utility vehicle on a rural highway Thursday morning.

Joshua Leinbach, of Wheeling, was killed in the collision. He was driving the buggy east on State Route B, about seven miles north of Wheeling, around 7:35 a.m. The young driver traveled with his family members, 8-year-old Katelyn Leinbach and 7-year-old Amanda Leinbach.

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I feel very bad for all involved, Especially the dead boy, injured children and families. Accidents like this are rare but it is a very dangerous chance people take, when in a horse and buggy, on highways with heavy cars traveling 10 times faster than you are. A chance I would never take.


In my area we have Mennonites and the Amish as residents of MO. People just know to slow down when u see the buggies its common sense, I have seen so many times people just don't car try to pass these people on these rural roads with oncomeing traffic. Shame on them I blame the driver of this car........


This is terrible. Breaks my heart to see this!


This is so sad for all involved.

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