Robert Graham

Robert Graham

The Iowa man who sought refuge in Northwest Missouri after allegedly shooting his ex-lover in southern Iowa earlier this year was federally indicted for the interstate crimes last month.

Robert Eugene Graham, then 45, was indicted May 7 in the Southern District of Iowa for interstate domestic violence and use/possession of a firearm in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend from Chariton, Iowa. The shooting occurred Jan. 16, 2015, in her hometown. The six-month relationship between the two ended in March 2013, although Mr. Graham moved to Michigan City, Ind., in October 2012.

“(The victim) specially expressed to Robert Eugene Graham that the contact was unwanted and reported Robert Eugene Graham’s acts to law enforcement agencies in Chariton, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa; and Michigan City, Indiana,” the indictment stated. “(The victim) took numerous overt steps to prevent Robert Eugene Graham from making contact with her, including closing her Facebook account and changing her personal telephone numbers.”

Despite the attempts, the victim reportedly agreed to meet him in Osceloa, Iowa, for a tryst, in exchange for his agreement to cease all further contact in November 2014. Reports were made in January 2015 to the Chariton, Iowa Police Department about the continuing harassment.

On Jan. 12, Mr. Graham reportedly purchased a shotgun at a Michigan City gun shop. Three days later, he rented a vehicle from a local car rental agency and sent a text message to his daughter, telling her his personal vehicle and the title was at the vehicle rental agency, the vehicle was her’s and he was not coming back.

“On that same day, Robert Eugene Graham additionally sent his daughter a text message stating that, ‘the cops better shoot me ... I don’t want prison ... We will find out in the morning if I don’t screw this up,’” the indictment stated.

The defendant arrived at a motel room in Chariton in the late afternoon. The next day, Mr. Graham arrived at the victim’s home and shot her, injuring her critically, court documents detailed.

“(The victim) turned and saw Robert Eugene Graham standing in her front yard of her home pointing a shotgun/rifle-style weapon in her direction,” the indictment read. “Robert Eugene Graham fled the area on foot.”

The victim suffered serious injuries to her uterus, small and large intestine, colon, kidneys and hips,” documents stated. She was hospitalized for several days, where surgeons were able to find the slug and screw that was used as the projectile and became lodged in the victim’s pelvic region.

Mr. Graham was charged for attempted murder in Iowa before he fled to Livingston County, Mo.

On Jan. 19, Mr. Graham barricaded himself in his rental vehicle, prompting an eight-hour standoff with authorities near Poosey Park, outside of Chillicothe, Mo.

The News-Press previously reported that officers obtained a cell phone number for Mr. Graham. The suspect allegedly indicated he would not agree to any requests, was armed with weapons and would force officers to end his life.

“This was a very trying incident for all the law enforcement officers involved and one of the most concerning elements to me was not only putting law enforcement at risk, but we wanted to take the suspect into custody without harming himself,” Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox said. “It might of taken a little longer than we would have liked, but no shots were fired and no one was injured.”

After the lengthy standoff, officers were able to get Mr. Graham to surrender.

Earlier this month, the victim visited deputies at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office to thank the officers for their involvement in apprehending her alleged attacker.

“She is pretty amazing and thanked us in our help in the manhunt,” Mr. Cox said.

Mr. Graham remained in custody in Iowa. He is scheduled to for a appear in federal court on the indictment charged in August.

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