Sasha Lizar

Sasha Lizar

Sasha Lizar entered a guilty plea in November as part of a deal for a seven-year prison sentence in the death of her 1-year-old son, Carter Lizar.

And seven years is what Buchanan County Circuit Judge Patrick Robb handed down Monday. The judge ordered the sentence to be consecutively served with a four-year sentence she’s currently serving for stealing in Cass County.

Lizar told the court in November she left Carter with Roy Miller and Pat Slates, Miller’s ex-wife, Aug. 22. She told the court how she got stuck in Kansas City and didn’t return until Aug. 24.

She promised to bring drugs if Miller kept her son. When she returned, she put the tot down for a nap as all three adults proceeded to get high on methamphetamine.

As Carter was waking up, Lizar said she left her son with Miller again and went to a convenience store.

“When I got back, I found Roy holding Carter and Carter was limp,” Lizar said. “I took Carter from Roy and ran outside screaming for help.”

Miller shook Carter and then hit his head on something, prosecutor Kate Schaefer said. He was charged with felony abuse/neglect of a child.

Schaefer asked for the maximum seven-year sentence for Lizar.

Schaefer reminded the judge that the defendant had a lengthy criminal history with substance abuse problems. The prosecutor said all five of the defendant’s children had been taken away from her.

It’s apparent the defendant had no business giving birth to this child, Robb said. The defendant is incapable of providing a safe and secure home for children, the judge said. And then he pronounced the seven-year prison sentence.

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