SAVANNAH, Mo. — A fatal accident occurred shortly after 11:30 p.m. Sunday on U.S. Business Highway 71 and the intersection of County Road 445 south of Savannah.

Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, Andrew County Sheriff Bryan Atkins and deputies were dispatched to the crash site.

Brandin D. Hatheway, 24, died in a crash on his a CBR600 Honda Supersport motorcycle.

The Savannah man was traveling south on Business Highway 71 at a “high rate of speed” and hit a black Ford Escape sport utility vehicle, said trooper Parrish Lutz.

It was the 26th highway fatality in Northwest Missouri this year, according to information from the Highway Patrol’s website. Compared to last year, highway fatalities are up 13 percent in Northwest Missouri and 12 percent statewide, the patrol said.

The Ford had been traveling north on Business 71 and turned left to cross the southbound highway lanes.

The motorcycle crashed into the rear passenger side of the Ford. The Honda’s front wheel separated from the frame as the motorcycle and driver slid along the highway shoulder just south of the county road.

The motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the scene. A helmet was 30 feet away in a nearby field.

Three family members in the Ford were transported by private vehicle to Heartland Regional Medical Center. No word on their condition was available early Monday.

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This is a standard News-Press report on a fatality accident. Mr. White is an awesome reporter and this is another good article detailed to his credit. Its the job of reporters to bring subscribers the FACTS of the story nothing more or less.

So if you cant handle detailed FACTS of an accident then that is your problem.

I knew Brandin and his family and this is a sad situation for any family to go through. I cant imagine their hurt and loss they are experiencing at the moment. But i seem to keep coming back to the phrase "excessive speed' and i cant help but think if different decisions were made if this would have even happened.
Im guilty as all get out speeding when i was growing up so I dont dare cast a stone. But in the end this whole situation can be summed up by staying when a person makes a decision no matter if it's right, wrong or indifferent..... take a minute to consider the possible outcome and the consequences of that decision and who might be affected by that decision.

From reading the memorial facebook page, I can tell there is a Family that is hurting beyond belief at the moment. If i was in their shoes I can tell you that I would want some type of closure eventually and tthe only way you can have closure is to have the FACTS of what happened exactly. None of this sugar coating hiding the facts to protect emotions or feelings.... just the facts nothing more or less.


This is yet another very tragic incident involving motorcycles and vehicles on our streets and highways. Sad, sad, sad indeed. While I don't think any one of us were there and we don't and probably won't know ALL the details, young Mr. Hatheway's driving record was horrible and he was just issued a citation for excessive speed this past June. A warrant had been issued in the amount of $2500.00 and he was arrested on that. Those are some facts and I do feel sorry for the family who have had to endured all of this.


Regardless of how fast the motorcyclist was traveling, the Ford made one of the most common mistakes of turning left in front of the bike. Now if the motorcycle had been going the normal speed, he may have avoided this tragedy. Both drivers had their heads in the wrong place. As for the reporter, he's just trying to do his job. I thought, if anything, the article could have had a little more info as to the left hand turn. Did they not see the motorcycle?


No matter how well liked this kid may have been it doesn't change the fact that he was doing something stupid and brought this on himself.

Well NB1234, seeing as I have not ever had an accident after riding for 36 years and not so much as a parking ticket in over 25 I would dare say I've been a safe driver.


Like it or not, Mr. White is a great reporter. He merely reported the facts. Why is it some of you tend to glorify these individuals who are driving their motorcycles at over twice the posted speed limits? Why do you demonize anyone who dares to be critical of the fact that they died solely because of their own stupidity and inability to ride their vehicle? What if one or more of the people in the car he hit had died? Just because he was your friend doesn't mean what he did was OK. It also doesn't remove the fact that what he did was incredibly dumb. Unfortunately, he paid for his poor choice with his life.


I Am Very Displeased With The Way A Few Of You Are Talking About This, I Really Hope Brandins Family Doesn't See Any Of This, Because If It Was My Family, I'd Be Highly Upset.. Think Of Their Feelings Before You Speak People! This Is Pretty Ridiculous!

Well juss to let you know I am Brandin's cousin I juss heard about his death yesterday I liked that I was able to know how he died not knowing juss makes me even more upset but yes i can agree with you that they are a being disrespectful about my cousin and how they talked about him


Freedom of the Press folks... My cousin was killed in 2001 and this paper displayed the picture of the vehicle laying on his head, so this is MILD compared to that! It is a reporters job to REPORT the info, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.


Yes, he was a popular kid. But why don't you guys try standing up for the "nobodies" sometime? The new press prints stuff like this all the time, and maybe if people said something about it EVERY time they'd stop doing it. But no, if it were anybody else you would happily skip the article without saying a word. When we fail to stand up for every single individual, every single individual will lose out in the end.


Welll first of all I want to say that I am so sorry for the family of this young man! Another thing I would like to bring out to "socialfingered" is you state that bullett bikes need to be taken off the road. Well I am a woman who drives a bullett bike. When I ride, I do follow the speed limit and don't break laws. But here's the thing, if you think they should remove bullett bikes due to the way people are riding them then they should just do away with all vehicles! Because there is always someone that is driving crazy or way too fast in cars, trucks, you name it! And I am sure YOU have never sped yourself even in your car right!!!! Anyway, I think you should not judge so much towards everyone else. I do think that the artical is a little too much considering not all the family had been notified!

BS. This guy hasn't even been identfied so how can you say that there is too much information? Go look up any accident story on any website and there is much more information. Just now there is a story about a hit and run in thailand involving the heir to Red Bull and it has much more detail than this story.
What's the matter guys? Too much bad press involving yet another fool speeding on a bullet bike?


The writer is a joker using practically every adjective to try and show his writing prowess on a simple fatal accident story Maybe this writer needs to be assigned to some type investigative reporting? If he was capable of that, they would already have him assigned to those stories. They obviously keep him on stories like this because he's just a weak writer, and that's just sad.

I agree too much info considering it is mentioned that the family had not been notified yet. Show some respect. I think the News Press has forgot how to show respect. They are more interest in getting that story out and making headlines.

I know the family of the driver of the motorcycle they deserve more respect than they received.

This isn't any more or less detail than any other accident story is given when there is a fatality. Just because it was your friend doesn't mean it's TMI. Fact is, your friend was driving his factory racing bike way beyond his ability to control it late at night. It's called "driving for conditions" and late at night no one can fully see one little headlight careening down the highway.
Maybe if the "gory details" make the next fool think, it will all have been worth it. What about the family this guy tramatised? I guess it would have been just as well if his bike had gone through their car? These "bullet bikes" need to be taken off the road. Far too many times I've been passed by one of these that is going at least 3 times the speed limit.
You guys worrying about this story giving someone "nightmares" really crack me up in this day and age of gory movies that even allow 13 year olds to buy tickets for,.


wow ok to start off this is a huge loss to all of his friends and family and you will never be forgotten you were such an amazing person and taken far too soon heaven gained a great one last night love you!!!! Seriously sjnp as a member of this family I really did not want to see detail of what exactly happened do you really think we want to read that his tire was separated or what time his remains were removed or how far away his helmet or shoe landed or even the fact that he slid down the highway... I think most people know what happens when someone wrecks on a motorcycle we do not need all of the detail I just hope and pray that his mom or brothers do not see this article and how would you feel if this story in this much detal was written about a close member of your family do you really want to read something that could possibly give you nightmares about his final minutes its bad enough knowing what happened without all of the vivid details I agree with the others and this post needs to be rewritten with alot less detal... Sometimes you guys need to have a little respect for the family that may possibly read your article... honestly I am surprised you guys didn't release his name not like you respected the family in any other way!!! please remove this post


I agree, why would you go into so much detail about the wreck? That is very disrespectful! This young man was very well known and loved by many! He has hundreds of friends and he would do anything for anyone! He will be greatly minssed! I do think this needs to be rewritten and all the DETAIL needs to be removed!!!!!!

What kind of "reporter" puts out this kind of info for everyone to read??Hopefully someone removes this and replace it with a not so indepth detail of this accident. WTF is wrong with this society these days??


R.I.P. Bro, far too young and much too good a person.

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