William Coverdell will help local Boy Scouts of America participate in the 58th annual Jamboree on the Air, which is Oct. 17 and 18. Scouts will use ham radio to link members from around the world.

The local Boy Scouts of America are getting set to participate in the 58th annual Jamboree on the Air.

William Coverdell, assistant merit badge counselor and member at-large for the local Scouts, said the Jamboree is an annual event that uses ham radio to link members from around the world.

Local Scouts are invited to attend the event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17 and Sunday, Oct. 18 inside the American Red Cross at 401 N. 12th St.

Mr. Coverdell said about 1.3 million Scouts from around the world will participate in the event through on-air activities.

“Basically, they’ll get on amateur radio and talk around the world via ham radio where they use voice or also use CW, which is Morse code,” Mr. Coverdell said.

He added that 1,011 local Boy Scouts received their amateur radio merit badges.

“We have a special call sending in honor of Camp Geiger W0G, just for this event for this station,” Mr. Coverdell said.

Erik McGuire, district director for the local Boy Scouts of America, said more than 1 million Scouts participated in the Jamboree in 2014. There were about 20,000 different radio operators from more than 157 countries.

“It’s kind of cool because they can talk over radio right here in St. Joseph to Scouts anywhere throughout the world, and some of the Scouting organizations throughout the world are in countries these Scouts wouldn’t ordinarily talk to somebody from,” he said.

For more information on Jamboree on the Air, call 233-3698.

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