Angus Cake

The Angus Journal celebrating their 100th year anniversary on Friday with cake.

The Angus Journal celebrated its 100-year anniversary Friday, and during the celebration new Angus Media President Brett Spader spoke about the future of the monthly publication.

He will enter the position this coming Monday.

The Angus Journal began in Webster City, Iowa, in 1919, and was purchased by the Angus Association in 1979. The headquarters is at 3201 Frederick Ave. in St. Joseph.

“I love the look and feel of a print publication,” Spader said. “It’s a wonderful supplement to use digital, and certainly there’s always folks that have a preference one way or the other, but we love to be able to deliver information to them in every form and fashion they choose.”

Spader mentioned performing a Google search to find other companies that also existed 100 years ago. He came up with Remington, Colgate and Coca-Cola, which are as old as the Angus Journal. He estimated the publication to be on its fifth generation of Angus breeders.

The publication has had multiple editors who have exhausted themselves to see that the publication was fit for the readers’ eyes. Many spoke about the history and hurdles the journal has had to overcome.

Board member Dave Nichols, owner of Nichols Farm in Iowa, was one of the speakers who offered perspective from a reader.

“We believe members deserve a magazine where they can get real information,” Nichols said. “All of the things that happen when it comes to movies, videos, impressions, internet ... I still like getting a magazine, and I think a lot of people like getting a magazine, and while I’m here I need to order an ad.”

The humor brought to Nichols’ speech was appreciated by the audience.

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