Angry Sweed Brewing hat contest

Celebating the Kentucky Derby, and a local fundraiser.

A local brewing company hosted a fundraiser while simultaneously celebrating the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. While no fans were allowed to attend the Derby this year, that didn’t stop locals from bringing out their big hats to watch the event.

People were already out with hats ready for the Derby as The Angry Swede Brewing Company in Downtown St. Joseph opened at noon.

The person with the best hat at the end of the day Saturday won a free growler with any beer they chose.

The fundraiser inspired special drinks such as Bloody Marys, mint juleps for the Derby and spicy blonde ales for Hot Diggity Dan, a local horse.

The owner of the Angry Swede, Mike Olinger, said they plan to donate a dollar for every special sold. Proceeds will go toward a local hospice farm.

“We’re doing a sponsorship for Hot Diggity Dan, who is a horse who is at Albee farms. It’s a hospice farm that takes care of old horses and today we’re raising money for him for his medical care,” Olinger said.

More information on Hot Diggity Dan can be found on The Albee Farm website and Facebook page.

Angry Swede Brewing is open until midnight on Saturdays. They will be playing the Kentucky Derby all night long. There are no fans allowed in the stands at the Kentucky Derby this year due to COVID-19.

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