Marcena Carter shows off some beautiful woodwork at The Vineyard Mansion & Carriage House, 1125 Charles St. Carter is the innkeeper and manager for three properties in St. Joseph that are listed on Airbnb, a popular home-sharing website.

The home-sharing and rental company Airbnb made its first tax payment to Missouri last week.

More than $306,000 was remitted to the state for the month of February.

Airbnb came to an agreement with the state, effective Feb. 1, to collect state and local taxes on behalf of the nearly 6,300 Missouri households that list spaces for booking on its website.

St. Joseph saw 810 guest in 2017, which brought in $111,000 in taxable revenue.

The company’s website connects travelers with owners willing to rent out their home for a short-term stay. Airbnb has nearly 360 tax agreements in the United States, which includes arrangements with state and local municipalities. There is currently not a specific tax agreement with the city of St. Joseph.

The Missouri Department of Revenue now collects about 4.2 percent in state sales tax from Airbnb.

St. Joseph will receive its share on a quarterly basis.

“Until we start receiving those payments, it’s going to be hard to understand what level of revenue the city will receive,” said Clint Thompson, director of planning and community development. “I think it’s safe to say that the popularity of the short-term rental market nationally will continue to increase and the opportunity for homeowners or property owners within St. Joseph to rent out their property to renters will only increase. The opportunity for that revenue to grow significantly over the next couple of years is pretty good.”

Airbnb estimates that Missouri renters using the website generated about $28.9 million in income last year, with hosts accommodating nearly 289,000 visitors.

“Based on the state sales tax alone, if Airbnb bookings in Missouri were to replicate that of the previous 12 months, it would mean $1.1 million to the state,” Ben Breit, a spokesperson for Midwest Airbnb, said in a press release. “The $300,000 plus first-month remittance suggests the revenue is already far outpacing that projection.”

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