Relief for flood victims

Evolution United Methodist Church parking lot is filled with donations on Saturday to benefit South Side flooding victims.

Evolution United Methodist Church held a flood victim relief donation pick-up on Saturday morning.

The pastor, Leanna Van Zandt Nauman, spoke with South Side flood victims as they arrived Saturday morning. She said this supplies wouldn’t have been possible without help from the community.

“They’re very happy and they’re overwhelmed. I’ve already heard stories of the loss,” Van Zandt Nauman said. “The generosity of everyone giving — I want to say thank you. It really shows the community that’s supporting a community.

Van Zandt Nauman said many people there were grateful for items, especially cleaning supplies and bedding.

One flood victim, Jinnie Rice, said that ‘overwhelming’ is just the start of how she would describe what flooding has done to them. She had a hard time discussing the damage without getting emotional.

“We got hit pretty good. It took everything we owned in our back rooms — took out our furnace, hot water tank. We’re doing alright. We’re living there, but we have no way to cook and the clean up is extreme,” Rice said.

A family friend to Rice offered to donate a hot water tank to replace the ruined one. She said help from the community has been a blessing. But Rice still had some more small items she was hoping to find on Saturday morning.

“It’s really wonderful to see how everyone is coming through on this and helping each other out. We stopped down here to see if there was anything that could help us even a little bit. Maybe an electric skillet or something to cook with,” Rice said.

It only took a few minutes for Rice to find yet another blessing during the hard few weeks she’s been having.

“Things are going to start happening and we’re gonna get through it. Lo and behold we have someone call who’s gonna give us the hot water tank, and now I found my electric skillet,” Rice said.

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