A lawsuit in St. Joseph’s federal court district is asking the court to decide the beneficiary of a dead 2-year-old boy.

Life Insurance Company of North America filed the lawsuit Monday against the parents of Blaze Saliger. The case cites hyperthermia and dehydration as his cause of death.

According to court documents, on Oct. 15, 2018, his mother, Kailie Saliger, “fell asleep at her home and awoke to find the decedent dead and stuck behind the door of his bedroom. Heat coming from a vent in the room was measured at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The insurance company said the boy was insured for $10,000 through a policy by his mother’s employer, Heartland Health, and she has made a claim for the funds.

The insurance company is filing the lawsuit asking the court to determine a beneficiary because without a court-designated beneficiary, the parents otherwise would be the first available beneficiaries by company practices, yet federal law prevents any beneficiary “guilty of the intentional killing of the insured without legal excuse or justification” from being entitled to benefit from insurance proceeds.

Kailie Saliger, 24, and 34-year-old Scott Saliger both pleaded guilty this year to endangering the welfare of a child and received suspended jail sentences with four years of probation.

Life Insurance Company of North America said it is ready and willing to pay the death benefit into the Registry of the court “in such amounts and to whichever individual(s) the Court shall designate.”

Blaze Saliger died four days short of his third birthday.