Purina Animal Nutrition, 4225 S. 169 Highway, is replacing its existing facilities with a 17,000-square-foot plant in 2019. The project will cost around $13.9 million.

One of the largest pet food manufacturers is embarking on a major update at a local facility.

Purina Animal Nutrition, 4225 S. U.S. Highway 169, is replacing one of its St. Joseph facilities with an updated 17,0000-square-foot animal feed manufacturing plant. The $13.9 million project is planned for 2019, according to Brooke Dillon, a spokesperson for the company.

“The project represents an important strategic milestone for Purina as we continue to innovate and lead in the animal nutrition industry,” Dillon said.

Land O'Lakes is the parent company of Purina Animal Nutrition. The local facility produces a variety of lifestyle animal feeds including feeds for horses, fowl and sows. Dillon said they produce feeds for nearly all types of animals with the exception of dog and cat food.

Dillon did not comment on when the project would start or how many jobs the new facility could create.

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