Placeholder Building Permits

Hexagon Holdings LLC, 2300 Mitchell Ave., demolition of interior walls, St. Joseph Plumbing and Heating, $10,000.

Frederick Towers, 2400 Frederick Ave., existing antenna swap, Overland Contracting Inc., $10,000.

Walmart Real Estate Business Trust, 4201 N. Belt Highway, customer access gates and new power poles, Greater Southwest Constructors Inc., $50,000.

Dennis and Gail Smith, 2110 St. Joseph Ave., roof-mount solar system, KC Electrical Contractors LLC, $8,184.

Gerald and Joyce Gilpatrick, 3135 Easton Road, remodel from fire, no contractor listed, $30,000.

William and Kailie Carter, 405 Hummingbird Court, apply braces to foundation wall, Groundworks FRS, $6,903.

Patrick and Tammy Page, 2710 Meadow Ridge Drive, roof mount solar system, KC Electrical Contractors LLC, $11,284.

Joy McCune, 1101 S. 39th St., roof mount solar system, KC Electrical Contractors LLC, $5,208.

Darrell and Linda Haeker, 3301 N.E. State Route W, reroof 57 square foot asphalt shingles, Apple Roofing LLC, $21,876.

Anne Daffron, 1820 Savannah Ave., replace roof, no contractor listed, $3,000.

Robert Cervera, 5306 Pickett Road, tear off and install shingles, Century Roofing, $5,005.

Forest and Cheryl Green, 2806 Plattsburg Ave., reroof house, Musser Construction LLC, $4,000.

Aubrey Bourne and Jason Swofford, 3406 W. Devonshire Drive, reroof house, Peak Roofing & Remodeling LLC, $8,691.

Nshawn Thompson, 3424 Sacramento St., reroof house, no contractor listed, $4,500.

James and Erika Sones, 3803 Grain View Terrace, complete tear off 24 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $6,000.

Cody and Jessica Salem, 4804 Creek Crossing Drive, complete tear off 28 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $7,000.

Keith Kline, 2417 Cougar Road, complete tear off 19 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $4,750.

Kevin and Terry Mabury, 5207 Stoneridge Drive, complete tear off 35 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $8,750.

Joshua and Lauren Short, 3409 E. Devonshire Drive, complete tear off 37 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $9,250.

Scott and Anna Cheney, 4202 Bennington Drive, complete tear off 27 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $6,750.

Rosella Kovac, 4908 Corinth Drive, complete tear off 41 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $10,250.

Russell and Carol Smith, 5233 Brookhaven Drive, complete tear off 31 squares, no contractor listed, $7,750.

Nicholas Toeller and Julie McConaughy, 4209 Bennington Drive, roof replacement, Roberts Roofing, $9,675.

Gary and Joan Baack, 4508 S. Wilshire Drive, roof replacement, Roberts Roofing, $12,000.

Joshua and Stephanie Simerly, 3511 Lantern Lane, reroof residence, Artisan Gutters, $3,500.

Ann Gawatz Bindel, 4315 Leighton Court, reroofing, Peak Roofing & Remodeling, $15,079.

Henry Pilgram, 2232 Eugene Field Ave., reroofing, Shamrock Hills LLC, $7,900.

JR Ellena Enterprises LLC, 2818 S. 22nd St., reroofing, All Star Contracting, $6,000.