Placeholder Building Permits

HGI St. Joseph, 777 Winner Circle, remodel/repairs from flood damage, Brooner Construction and Crane, $650,000.

St. Joseph (Messanie) DG LLC, 1702 Messanie St., new Dollar General store, Siti LLC, $475,000.

James Kinder, 2812 Angelique St., repair fire damage to home, Servicemaster DSI, $45,137.

James Housel, 1912 Sun Valley Road, remodel 1,240-square-foot home, Renewal By Anderson, $20,000.

Gaab Properties, 3204 Sheffield Lane, new home construction, Gaab Properties, $225,000.

Gaab Properties, 3211 Sheffield Lane, new town home construction (3209/3211), Gaab Properties, $215,000.

Michael Shelton, 2719 Walnut St., detached enclosed metal accessory (no plumbing or electric), Carolina Carports Inc., $5,010.

Jennifer and Travis Jaques, 2513 Kent St., roof mount solar system, Kansas City Electric Co. LLC, $12,555.

Gary Higgs and Jennifer Baxter-Higgs, 424 S. Ninth St., new garage, no contractor listed, $35,000.

Erich and Melissa Van Cleave, 4233 Cook Road, new garage, Van Cleave Construction LLC, $50,000.

Vidao LLC, 5305 S. 16th Terrace, replace roof, no contractor listed, $4,000.

Kenneth Veenendaah, 3106 N. 36th Terrace, tear off and reroof, Remodeling Made Eazy, $5,900.

William and Connie Gibson, 3406 Waterford Court, remove and install new roof, Barnes Roofing and Gutter, $11,378.

Gregory and Jessica Kozol, 1834 Ashland Ave., remove and install new roof, Barnes Roofing and Gutter, $4,585.

Hazel B. Johnson, 2602 S. 19th St., remove and install new roof, Barnes Roofing and Gutter, $12,174.

James and Teckla Willumsen, 4901 N. Wilshire Drive, remove roof, Holmes Roofing, $3,000.

Candace Paluka, 1508 Safari Drive, complete tearoff 20 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $5,000.

Lucas and Rachel McCoy, 5303 Stoneridge Drive, complete tearoff 33 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $8,250.

Richard and Linda Weiser, 4509 S. Heatherwood Drive, complete tearoff 42 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $10,500.

Raymond Stock, 2620 Faraon St., reroof house, Babcock’s General Contracting, $3,200.

Mike and Sarah Goodale, 5125 Brookhaven Drive, complete tearoff 29 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $7,250.

Ryan Slade and Ali Michelle Patton, 4301 N. Devonshire Drive, complete tearoff 32 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $8,000.

Tyler Mejia, 5305 Stoneridge Drive, complete tearoff 28 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $7,000.

Stephen Cotter, 3412 E. Devonshire Drive, complete tearoff 33 squares, Premier Roofing LLC, $8,250.

Karl and Pam Seyller, 4903 Creek Crossing Drive, complete tearoff 29 squares, no contractor listed, $7,250.

Sharyl Trout, 1073 N. Noyes Blvd., replace roof, Holmes Roofing, $3,000.

Ronald and Linda Starks, 2215 Dewey Ave., reroof, Get Contracting LLC, $14,611.