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More brides are opting for comfort over a traditional heel on their wedding day.

There are no rules that say a bride has to be uncomfortable on her big day. In fact, many brides are opting for comfortable footwear instead of traditional heels.

“I was not looking forward to wearing 3-inch heels all day long and then trying to dance in them at the reception,” Shandra Mullins said.

The St. Joseph woman said she knew no one would even see her feet during the ceremony and reception so she chose a white Hey Dude loafer. She has several pairs of the popular shoe and has purchased all of them from Brown’s Shoe Fit.

Richard Ragan, who owns the local store, helped her pick out the right ones.

Mullins said she considered getting a fun color, something that would match her wedding colors. Instead, her bridesmaids surprised her by getting the same shoes in gray to match her and their gowns.

“We were all about being comfortable,” Kristen Pinston said. “When we found out she wasn’t going to wear heels, we thought, neither are we. It’s nice to be able to wear them again. That’s not always the case when you buy things for a wedding.”

Besides Hey Dudes, many brides have played up their retro, whimsical side with Converse Chuck Taylors. While white was Melanie Seifert’s preference, she said she let her bridesmaids pick their favorite colors.

“My wedding is coming up this summer and my theme is rainbow,” Seifert said. “So I have seven attendants and they literally all got a different color of the rainbow. I can’t wait to see what the photos will be like.”

Mullins said she got the initial idea to look at non-traditional footwear during a friend’s wedding a few summers ago. She said that bride wore flip-flops under her gown. No one was the wiser and those who saw didn’t care.

“I think there’s this bizarre pressure to do certain things for weddings and I’m learning that it’s all about what makes you happy,” she said. “There are traditions and then there are components that can totally be unique.”

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