Question: What route running through St. Joseph initially was labeled the Pacific Street Expressway? Here’s a hint: It has exits at 22nd and 28th streets, among others.

Our senses are crucial in bringing back memories. More than once, I’ve looked at 1940s and 1950s-era photos to get a sense of Downtown’s heyday, heard a train whistle and remembered visiting friends 50 years ago in the South Park area, or bit into a hot dog and recalled those great franks we…

The other day, I was flipping TV channels and came upon a promo that looked good. “Gee, I’ll have to watch that,” I thought. “I wonder what station it will be on?”

Many of these columns are written in advance, and in preparation for a July 4 column I wondered, “What was a significant July 4 holiday in my lifetime?” It didn’t take long to hit me: How about the 1976 Bicentennial?

A few weeks ago, this column began a series on St. Joseph high schools that have closed in our lifetimes. One of the big questions I asked myself was, “What about Pickett?”

It would not be a stretch to say that the future of Bartlett High School, the city’s secondary school for Blacks in segregation days, was sealed from the start. You figured that society eventually would change and the races would be integrated. When that occurred officially in 1954, the scho…

Last week, we examined the Centennial Edition, published by the News-Press on July 25, 1943, celebrating St. Joseph’s first 100 years. It’s a fascinating look at where we started and how far we had come by 1943.

Should anything happen to me, and my editors turn this column over to someone else, just give that person a copy of the News-Press’ Centennial edition from July 25, 1943.