Talk of building a new Civic Arena, or updating the current one, stirs memories of the glory days of the structure at Fourth and Felix streets. Many of us believe those took place in a flurry at the very start, some 40 years ago.

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Let’s say you’re a budding reporter and your city editor sends you out on your beat. “Come back with a good story,” is probably what you would expect him to say, right?

Go back through old issues of the News-Press and take a look at “The People’s Forum,” and you’ll see that a large share of the letters dealt with the Timely Observations column. Some are complimentary and others are critical, but they all possess one trait: The columns stirred the reader eno…

Let’s continue with our “gone but not forgotten” series, focusing today on “The Fact Finder.”

The year 1973: Roe v. Wade becomes the law of the land. The Women’s Liberation Movement is in full swing, with some advocates burning their bras in public. The Vietnam War continues.