The OOLER System includes a control unit and mattress pad.

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How much would you pay for a consistent, controllable night of sleep?

This is the question I asked as I tried out The OOLER Sleep System, advertised as “the most advanced and luxurious sleep system” from sleep technology specialists Chili Sleep.

Consisting of a hydro-powered, Chili Cool Mesh mattress pad and control unit, the OOLER runs from $699 to $1,499, depending on the size of your bed and how much of it you want to cool or heat. While it’s not essential, it’s a nice way to fall asleep and wake up, if you have the extra money.

As a bigger guy who usually runs hot, I can always use a little chillness to help me get to sleep, usually done by turning my thermostat down three or four degrees. This delivers about the same effect without doing that, while adding a heat element to it in the morning to wake me up (this is adjustable in the OOLER app).

Set up for the OOLER system is pretty straightforward. It comes in a nicely designed box where you easily roll it out, fill it up, set up the app and get to feeling cool or warm as you doze off.

With the app, you can control the temperature, from 55 to 115 degrees, set a schedule for it to cool down or heat up at certain times and set the volume of noise you’d like the control unit to make.

My first impression was not overly positive. After I filled up the unit with water, turning it on and giving it time for the water to make its way through the mattress pad, I didn’t feel like I was getting a 55-degree experience (the fine print notes that its peak performance depends on factors like ambient temperature and body mass). As I gave it more time, I definitely felt it, to the point where I needed to throw on some warmer clothes.

On the warm side, you feel it more. For me, it’s a nice way to wake up in the morning, but I imagine it’s a calming way to fall asleep.

On top of that, the app will remind you when it’s time to go to sleep so you can keep a consistent schedule.

Having previously tried a different bed tech system, the BedJet 3, which basically amounts to putting a fan underneath your sheets, this beat the pants off that in terms of connectivity (it runs off of Bluetooth) and responsiveness. More importantly, it did a better job of keeping me cool without much noise.

Using the OOLER system, I felt my sleep improve because of both the temperature control and schedule reminders. With that said, the price did give me pause. But it does come with a 90-night sleep trial to allow buyers to judge for themselves.

Going into 2021, if sleep is something you’re looking to improve, it’s worth giving The OOLER a try to see if adjusting your bed temp will help you catch better snoozes.

Next week: We’ll check out some cheaper items to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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