Containing zero sugar, calories and sweeteners, Limitless Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water is still a sweet, refreshing alternative to your usual sugar or aspartame-filled drink.

It’s not easy finding a beverage that can replace the bubbly refreshment of an ice-cold soda.

During the past five years, I’ve tried to replace my Diet Coke addiction with sparkling water drinks like La Croix (disappointing), Bubly (not great) and Spindrift (decent). With all of them, I miss the buzz of caffeine.

Limitless Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water ($4 to $15, available at Walmart and Amazon) is the first drink of that calorie-free variety that successfully fills that void.

Containing zero sugar, calories and sweeteners, it’s still a sweet, refreshing alternative to your usual sugar or aspartame-filled drink and has enough caffeine (35 mg, sourced from coffee beans, but less than half of a cup of coffee) but won’t leave you jittery. Being sensitive to massive amounts of caffeine, this provides the perfect amount. Those looking for an energy-drink level of caffeine likely will be disappointed.

On paper, it checks every box I’m looking for in a sparkling water beverage. Like all drinks of that type, finding the right flavor is a journey.

It’s available in five flavors, but not all are satisfying. I loved both grapefruit hibiscus and watermelon. They’re light, subtly sweet and refreshing, easily making them the best of the bunch.

For people trying to break away from 7-Up or Sprite, the lemon-lime flavor scratches that itch, but it still likely will leave them wanting that fuller flavor that no sparkling water can provide. Cucumber pear has too much of the former to be enjoyable. Blood orange had an almost bug repellant like taste to it that lands it at the bottom.

For sparkling water skeptics, some of these flavors should be refreshing enough to make some believers. For soda addicts, this could be the lifeline needed to kick the habit.

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