The Deskview is perfect if you need a workspace that requires little room and no construction.

If you live in an apartment or a spatially challenged room, every foot of surface counts. A desk can take up a lot of real estate.

Previously, we positively reviewed the versatile Work From Home Desk. But if you don’t have space for an easily constructible desk, the Deskview desk ($265, is a good alternative.

A lightweight, window-mounted standing desk (or bookshelf, cat perch, etc.), the Deskview is perfect if you need a workspace that requires little room and no construction.

When it arrives, the Deskview already is assembled. You can take it out of the package and suction it to any smooth, non-etched surface. The company states it will stay mounted for days, months and years. For this review, it was mounted for several consecutive days without any problems (I had to remove it manually so the blinds on my window could close.)

My impressions using the Deskview are that it is a nice-looking, surprisingly sturdy piece of furniture. While my trust in suction cups has eroded over the years because of how faulty they often are, these stick strongly to the surface, allowing you to easily turn it into a desk space with a laptop, paper and stationery and not have to worry about it slipping.

For people whose workspace uses a lot of wires and material, this is not ideal. Once again, I would recommend a Work From Home Desk for that kind of setup.

When it’s not being used as a desk, the Deskview did a solid job as a shelf for my cats to sit and look out at nature. When each was on it, it never shifted, and my cats are both bigger felines.

Available in wood or clear, the Deskview also is a piece that looks great on a window or glass surface without being distracting or obnoxious. You can throw some books or knick-knacks on there and it would blend in with the rest of your surroundings.

For people looking to consolidate the furniture in their home, the Deskview likely is an answer to their prayers. It’s an impressive piece that’s well worth the money.

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