Dragon Paradise

Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea is shown in this undated photo.

As restaurants and food companies roll out their summer flavors, trends usually emerge.

This summer, it seems like dragon fruit, the Central American and southern Mexican-based fruit, is coming out as the of-the-moment flavor.

Specifically, Taco Bell has teamed with Brisk to bring the effervescent Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea (available at Taco Bell) and Fanta has rolled out its Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar.

I’ll admit that in trying both of these, I come from a place of ignorance since I don’t believe I’ve tried an actual dragon fruit. From what other people have told me, it’s close to a kiwi.

Both of the drinks are fairly similar. Their definition of the fruit seems to be a lighter grape-like flavor mixed with a little citrus.

Taco Bell’s Brisk sparkling tea is the victor, as it has more of a full flavor because it contains high fructose corn syrup and hibiscus flower extract. It’s light, fizzy and perfect for summer. For those concerned with calories, it does pack a lighter punch with 50 per 12-ounce drink (compared to 170 for MTN DEW or 150 for a Pepsi of the same size). It fills the hole left when the fast-food chain took away Aquafina’s Sparkling Berry Breeze.

Fanta’s version is no slouch. Touting a taste similar to pear and watermelon, I’d say that’s a fairly close approximation. Like the Brisk drink, it’s also sweet and works great as a summer drink. With it being a zero sugar drink, it also has that chemical taste that comes with almost all diet beverages, which makes me favor the Brisk varietal.

Either way, dragon fruit is an obvious go-to flavor that we all should be enjoying around this time of year. Both brands deliver on a fun, sweet twist.

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