Psy performs in a skit on 'Saturday Night Live' dedicated to his smash hit 'Gangnam Style.'

With the end of the year and the decade approaching quickly, St. Joe Live has some lists to get out.

Since it’s around Thanksgiving, we’ll start out with artists that have one reason to be thankful — a single song that blew up and gave them a moment in the spotlight. We’re going to look at St. Joe Live’s favorite one-hit wonders of the past decade.

To note, we’re only including artists based on Top 40 success. If additional songs got played on a genre-specific station, that’s great, but it does not change their status in the zeitgeist as only having one hit.

10“Rude” Magic! — It’s the song that enraged a thousand dads. A quasi-reggae tune about a guy refusing his girlfriend’s father’s wishes NOT to marry him and saying he’s going to do it anyway. While it’s faded from most stations and peoples’ memories, all you have to say is, “Why you got to be rude?” for it to come back. It’s dopey, but has charm.

9 “Teach Me How to Dougie” Cali Swag District — The 2010s had its share of dances, from “Harlem Shake” to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” But let’s pay homage to the decade’s first big breakout hit, a slinky hip-hop tune that does exactly what the title suggests. Everyone from supermodel Kate Upton to Jermaine Dupri to athletes got into it. Not bad for a bunch of friends from California just having fun.

8“Tuesday (featuring Drake)” iLoveMakonnen — Before R&B singer iLoveMakonnen’s friendship with Drake soured, they had a moment in the sun with this groggy jam in 2014. It’s likely one of the only songs dedicated to getting crazy on a Tuesday night and nails the balance of feeling giddy while also being woozy.

7“If I Die Young” The Band Perry — These Trails West! alums may have scored multiple hits on the country charts, but the band got crossover attention with this sparse ballad about appreciating life, even if it’s cut short. It was an odd tune to hit in 2010, alongside dancey tunes from Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Usher, but it remains outstanding for its earworm chorus and soaring harmonies.

6“Like a G6” Far East Movement with Dev and The Cataracs — One of the only Asian-American groups to nab a Top 40 hit, the band did it big with this 2010 club anthem. Built around a sample from a minor underground pop song, it was inescapable for its cool, lackadaisical chorus.

5“Safe and Sound” Capital Cities — You didn’t hear a whole lot dance tunes in the 2010s with memorable trumpet parts. This lone 2013 hit from a California duo was particularly anthemic because of it. Neither one of the guys are particularly great at singing, but a great melody and horn riff goes far to make it work.

4“Somebody That I Used to Know” Gotye — 2011 was supposed to be the start of the reign of Australian singer-songwriter Gotye. Instead, it ended up being his only big year with this xylophone-led hit. Sounding like a modern version of Peter Gabriel, Gotye delivered the go-to heartbreak anthem of the decade that continues to gets tons of spins.

3“Shut Up and Dance” Walk The Moon — Combining an echoing, The Edge-like guitar riff with a thumping beat and stadium-filling chorus, “Shut Up and Dance” was the summer tune of 2014. It got played to death and rightfully so. It feels like a theme song for a John Hughes movie that doesn’t exist, with a monster of a chorus that crescendos to where you’re screaming the title of the song with the band.

2“I Love It” Icona Pop — The kiss-off song to end them all. A brash, loud burst of grimy pop music that undeniably great.

1“Gangnam Style” Psy — This wasn’t so much a song as it was a movement. A combination of a dance, a song so catchy that it transcended its native South Korean tongue and an over-the-top music video that became the first to hit 1 billion views on YouTube. “Gangnam Style” was the definitive one-hit wonder of the decade. It was a weird moment in pop culture that could only have happened in a more optimistic time, where we all danced like idiots, swinging our fists around our head and pretending to ride a horse.

— Andrew Gaug | St. Joe Live

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