Evan Brown, also known as EGORE, will perform at Cafe Acoustic on Friday, Aug. 23.

A hip-hop showcase at Cafe Acoustic will feature an up-and-coming rapper who’s aiming for the mind, as well as the heart.

EGORE, whose real name is Evan Brown, started out freestyling with his friends in Maryville, Missouri. In the past year, things have evolved to recording and taking the stage.

“I’d just be up there messing around and my friends would be like ‘Hey dude, that was actually pretty good,’” Brown said.

Performing as part of the “Back to Campus Blow Out Dance Party,” being held at 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23, at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall, he’ll be joined by fellow local artists like Tezo Da Mac, Blade, 7evensofuego and DJ Rudy C.

Starting out his hip-hop career, Brown said he doesn’t want to make self-level music. He wants to go deeper.

“I’ve always thought that rap is an acronym for ‘Rhythm And Poetry’ and I’ve always tried to hold true to that by including some sort of story or theme in my songs. Anyone can make a song filled with profanity, but using profanity sparingly and effectively can really turn a song into something special,” he said.

Brown said that shows on some of his favorite songs, like “Silver Lined Light Pole,” which was inspired by the death of two rappers, including one of his inspirations, the late Mac Miller.

“I wrote the verse halfway about this other rapper, and halfway about Mac Miller. And then the next verse was about realizing that anything can happen to you ... It’s like enjoy what ... you’ve been given now because you may not be given anything tomorrow,” he said.

In addition to that, there are songs meant to move the crowd, with bass-heavy bangers like “Waikiki” and “Die Broke.”

Brown said he wants to be able to fuse both the cerebral, emotional songs and the party anthems together. So far, he said it’s seemed to work out.

“There was a show I did at The Rendezvous a month a half ago. It’s a small venue, but there were 30 to 40 people packed in there, so it feels like 100. When I was done, everybody cheered, and I just took a step back like ‘Wow, that was really cool,’” he said.

That shot of energy and positivity has given Brown the drive that he’s doing something right.

“People seemed to like it. So I’m not going to stop until something happens,” he said.

— Andrew Gaug | St. Joe Live

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