Good Morning Bedlam will perform at River Bluff Brewing Com. at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22.

The band Good Morning Bedlam made its name playing energetic folk and bluegrass with soaring harmonies. But it didn’t want to be stuck in that box.

With its second album, “Like Kings,” the band ventures off into territories like jazz, blues and waltz.

"We like the idea of, ‘We’re not a blues band, but let’s do a blues song just to see what it would come out at ... That’s just so much fun for us to kind of experiment and try different things,’” Isaak Elker, the band’s lead singer, said.

On a U.S. tour promoting “Like Kings,” the Minneapolis band will perform at River Bluff Brewing, 1224 Frederick Ave., at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 22.

In the three years the band has been together, it’s weathered member changes to become the cohesive unit it is now, with Elker sharing the stage with Victoria Elker, Sophia Mae and Benji Flaming.

“Before, we were just doing local stuff as a group. Then we solidified our full-time lineup and went out on the road, and we’ve been doing it full time for a year now,” Elker said.

The experience has been fulfilling, as the band explores its live music presentation in a variety of venues.

"We play a wide range of shows and it keeps things very fresh. One night, we’re playing a brewery, and the next night we’re playing more of your traditional music venue and then the next night we’re at a small theater,” Elker said.

With each venue change comes a switch in the band’s set. It might reserve slower ballads like the light, plucky “Long Road” and the album’s title track for an intimate show, but it gets wild on tunes like “Dancing Fool” and the hand-clapping “The Zoo.”

“Our performance is like the main piece of Good Morning Bedlam, (it’s) the thing we most enjoy. The thing that I feel really sticks out to people is we’re performers. We like to jump around and interact with the audience and just (have) a very high-energy show for a brewery night,” Elker said.

The show is open to everyone 21 and older. There is no cover charge.

— Andrew Gaug | News-Press NOW

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