Sometimes a storm is a blessing.

In June, the Ancient Order of the Hibernians planned to have its annual Celtic Street Faire in the dead heat of June. Then a storm came barreling through and caused the event to be postponed.

Rescheduled for 5 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7, at Coleman Hawkins Park, the Irish celebration will show its Celtic spirit in a less-crowded, post-summer schedule and hopefully cooler weather.

“There was some nasty weather back in June, so we ended up canceling that night and found this date and thought that maybe we’d go and do a Saturday and try for not a different venue, but a different time,” organizer Shane McDonald said.

The original lineup planned for the festival will remain the same. Organized by the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, the concert will kick off at 5 p.m. with musical guests Tom Mayfield and Scot Brunette and Russell Gummelt and headliner Flannigan’s Right Hook at 6:30 p.m.

“We want to get people out to enjoy what we enjoy about Irish culture, and a lot of that is music. We got Flannigan’s Right Hook coming back again and they’re always a lot of fun,” McDonald said.

The Kansas City band is known for its energetic originals, as well as Irish-themed covers of classic rock and pop songs such as The Beatles, Radiohead and David Bowie.

This is the third year for the event. The Celtic Street Faire originally began on a Saturday as a two-day party. It might have been too much, McDonald said.

“We probably don’t have the base of Irish fans to support bringing in the number of bands we would need for an all-day festival or a two-day festival or something like that,” McDonald said in a previous interview.

After some regrouping, the Ancient Order of the Hibernians decided to team up with the St. Joseph Downtown Association.

“It’s a way for the Hibernians to promote and share Irish culture, Irish heritage, Irish acts — just our Irish-ness is a good way to put it,” McDonald said in a previous interview.

Since the beginning, McDonald said one of the festival’s most popular attractions has been its whiskey, wine and beer tasting, available to everyone 21 and older.

“We’re doing something really different from most things in St. Joseph. (The tastings) were really popular last year, so we’re bringing that back again and we hope to get even more people out than last year,” McDonald said.

Brands and brews distributed by O’Malley Beverage Inc., River Bluff Brewing and Holladay Distillery in Weston, Missouri, will be on hand. Tickets for the tastings are $10 each.

In addition to the tastings, D&G Pub and Grub will be serving a menu of Irish food throughout the evening.

With the St. Joseph Ancient Order of Hibernians continuing the tradition of Irish culture, events that the group sponsors like the Celtic Street Faire and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade help keep it in the spotlight.

“Part of the charge of the Hibernian is to share our culture and the fun that we have being Irish with the community,” McDonald said in a previous interview. “(We want) to try to keep that alive and to even spread that to new audiences. So that’s something that we try to do, to keep folks coming back that have enjoyed our events”

Profits from the event will help support Catholic education and the Second Harvest Community Food Bank.

“We’ve always been supporters of promoting our Catholic heritage in our traditions, and that’s part of the charge of the Hibernian mission is to promote and support the Irish culture,” McDonald said. “And this is one of the ways we can do it and one of the best ways we can do it.”

There is no admission charge to event. The concert is open to all ages.

— Andrew Gaug | St. Joe Live

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