Through the years there have been rumors the Glore Psychiatric Museum has haunted areas. Around 30 people this Saturday will test for paranormal activity.

The St. Joseph Museums is always looking for new ways to invite people to its multiple venues from both in and out of town.

Proving to be one of its biggest annual draws, “Spend the Night at the Museum,” an overnight event at the Glore Psychiatric Museum is bringing in people from all over.

“It draws in a new crowd to the museum, which is very, very helpful. It’s not a huge deal where people come from, but we did notice in the early years, it was very local. Now, in later years, more surrounding areas started to pop in, which is fun,” Kathy Reno, a spokesperson for St. Joseph Museums, said.

Limited to 30 spaces, the intimate event will start at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, at the Glore Psychiatric Museum, 3406 Frederick Ave. It will end at 9 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 6.

The event isn’t intended to be scary, but rather fun and educational. Attendees get the chance to see how mental health used to be treated and how far it’s come since the Glore’s peak years.

“They’re relieved to be living in today’s times, I think we all agree on that. And I think people are surprised at how trial and error is how we learn about a lot of things as a society, and mental health is no different,” Reno said.

Participants will learn about the Glore Psychiatric Museum and its beginnings from the museum staff. They’ll also get the chance tour the tunnels, learn about the history of asylums and participate in a paranormal investigation led by A.P.E.X. Paranormal.

After the tours end, participants will be given time to explore on their own and choose a place to sack out for the night. Guests are asked to bring their own sleeping bag or air mattress.

“We always try and do a fabulous dinner. We watch movies, we do snacks, they have breakfast in the morning,” she said.

While the museum’s staff may lose some sleep, it’s an event they look forward to doing every year, if only to see the combination of participants.

“That’s what’s most fun to me is to see the combinations of people that you get. They might just be a group of buddies. And it might be a couple, but that’s not as common as I thought it would be,” she said.

The space is limited to 30 guests who must be at least 18 years of age. The cost is $125 per person, which includes the guided tour, dinner, movie, snacks, paranormal investigation, the overnight stay, and a continental breakfast. Paid reservations are required at attend. Tickets are available online at

stjosephmuseum.org/events or call 816-232-8471 to reserve a space or receive more information.

— Andrew Gaug | St. Joe Live

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