Lance Rich, left, brings a person on stage at the 2017 mall magic show.

When magician David Sandy started a magic festival at the East Hills Shopping Center, he didn’t expect it to become an annual event.

“That wasn’t really the plan in the first place, but because it’s beneficial for all parties involved ... it’s a win for everybody,” Sandy, president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 129 in Kansas City, said.

Three years later, “Magic, Magicians & Mayhem at the Mall” has become a staple of the shopping center’s fall season, providing a variety of magic-related activities for visitors.

Being held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, at the East Hills Shopping Center, 3702 Frederick Blvd., the show will deliver magic of all types.

In its past two iterations, the festival drew hundreds of people to check out roaming magicians, magic classes and stage shows. While all of those will be featured, Sandy said organizers continuously change things up to keep it fresh.

“The fun thing about ‘Magic, Magicians and Mayhem at the Mall’ is every year, it’s a little bit different because we have different performers,” he said.

A partnership between the shopping center and the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the festival has a variety of acts that it brings in annually, with many coming from the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Because of their expertise and professional ability, the magicians tend to surprise people of all ages.

“There’s nothing better for magician than to see an audience react to the magic and everyone lose that sense of reality and adopt a sense of wonder,” Sandy said.

While some magicians will be strolling through the mall throughout the day, others will perform stage shows at 11 a.m. and 1 and 3 p.m. Children also can participate in a free beginner magic class at noon and 2 p.m. and get pictures taken with Abra The Magic Rabbit.

“If someone comes to their shopping center, whether they come by themselves or bring their family, they could expect to see close-up, intimate magic that happens right in their hands by some of our strolling close-up magicians or they can sit back at three different stage shows,” Sandy said.

All of the activities are free, family-friendly and open to the public.

Sandy said he hopes for continued success with the event so it can remain a tradition in the area.

“This is going to be the third year and I hope that it continues in the fourth and fifth year and so forth,” he said.

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