Tulips, Gerber daisies, lilies and roses are common flowers associated with spring, but there are other blooms that also should make the cut.

“If you’re looking for something a little bit different, we also are really excited to have ranunculus in the shop and it’s been a very popular flower for arrangements,” says Stacy Fisher, a florist at Garden Gate and Gifts Flowers.

Ranunculus has a tight bloom like a rose but is circular, full and grows in a variety of colors.

“Whereas a rose has more of a little bit of a vertical bloom, it starts to open up flat as it opens,” Fisher says. “The ranunculus is much flatter, but they come in so many fun colors.”

One option is coral, which Fisher says is the color for spring.

“Right now, if you’re not aware, the color of the year is coral, so we’ve been trying to get a lot of different corals and peaches in the shop because it is a very popular color this year,” Fisher says.

Another flower that is requested is the Veronica.

“For arrangements that have a garden or a vegetative type of feel, something that we like to use is the Veronica,” Fisher says. “We call it the line flower because it’s tall and it adds a lot of height to an arrangement.”

She says another popular trend is greenery-only arrangements.

“It’s definitely picking up speed, the all-greenery trend,” Fisher says. “In everything, wedding bouquets, centerpieces, we just have people that call us and just request it quite frequently.”

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