Wyatt Park Christian Church has installed a looping system that will allow those with hearing loss to hear services better.

Wyatt Park Christian Church has installed a looping audio system that it will use for its services moving forward.

The audio system allows those who suffer from hearing loss to hear worship services more clearly.

“This system is wireless. There are no additional devices. It’s connected through a magnetic transmitter, and the wires run on the floor. They’re connected to our sound system. So it’s almost like a WiFi for your hearing aid,” says Cindy Crouse, the administrative pastor at Wyatt Park Christian Church.

Crouse says the idea for the looping system came to fruition after the church heard about another looping system in town.

“Well, we had heard that the Missouri Theater had installed the looping system there. So through various phone calls, we’ve found out a way we could actually do that here in our church,” Crouse says.

Crouse says resources such as looping systems weren’t always available at churches to those with hearing loss.

“I knew that my father had a hearing ailment and at that particular time, all that was available was a device that you would go pick it up at the church, take it back to your seat, and then put it on to your hearing aid.”

The looping audio system will launch this weekend at Wyatt Park Christian and the church is excited to see the response from members.

“When I listen to testimonies from other people that have been to other locations that have it, it’s incredible. They say, ‘I hear the words for the first time,’ ‘I’m able to understand,’ ‘I’m able to hear the music that’s being played,’” says Crouse.

While the newly installed audio system is a resource for those who have hearing aids, Crouse says the system may or may not pair depending on the type of aid you have.

“I do understand though that the people with hearing aids need to check with their audiologist to make sure that their hearing aid has that t-coil device that’s needed,” Crouse says.

To learn more about Wyatt Park Christian Church, you can reach out to them directly at 816-232-3374 or at wyattparkcc.org.

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