The MWSU Christian Challege house sits on Mitchell Avenue across from Missouri Western’s campus. The campus organization, formerly known as Baptist Student Union is changing its name to MWSU Christian Challenge to let all students know they are welcome.

The MWSU Baptist Student Union is working on a name change aimed at making the organization more inclusive.

Campus Minister Paul Danery, who has been involved in the organization for 15 years, said the group will be transitioning from Baptist Student Union to MWSU Christian Challenge.

“Part of the reason why we’re changing our name to Christian Challenge is that we just don’t want there to be an confusion about who is welcome to come,” he said. “We’re a Christian ministry that is open to students from all backgrounds really, and you don’t have to be Christian to come.”

The organization, which partners with the St. Joseph Baptist Association, has an objective to educate students on the Gospel and Jesus.

“We have kind of three words that guide our mission. We exist to reach, train, and send students,” Danery said. “So we want to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus. We believe that the hope and the wholeness of an abundant life involves knowing Jesus and we want to introduce students to him.”

MWSU Christian Challenge also works with other Christian groups.

“We do try to partner with other Christian groups on campus who have the same kind of goals and objectives,” he said. “Whether it’s praying together or we’ve done some early morning prayer gatherings and worship gatherings on campus.”

Danery said he’s most excited this semester to see students lead in the organization.

“We have a group of over 20 student leaders who are going to be leading small-group Bible studies and things on campus,” he said. “I’m just really excited to equip them and encourage them to be ambassadors for Christ on campus.”

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