Some look to the Bible for guidance, others also memorize it for sport.

Midland Ministries, a Christian youth ministry, is getting ready for Bible quizzing season as it transitions into practice season.

Jack Hager, director of staff development/prison ministry at Midland Ministries, has been involved in Bible quizzing tournaments for nearly 40 years.

“These kids continually amaze me. The average teenager that takes part in the quiz season will memorize seven chapters of God’s word,” he said. “Some of them memorized the entire material, which is kind of crazy, but they do it.”

Bible quizzing competitions are set up in an academic team type of setting. Each team consists of seven teenagers, and ideally three teams compete at a time, Hager said. Fifteen quizzes that are hooked up to electronic pads and a “quizmaster” will ask the questions to one team member to answer. The student has 20 seconds to give the right question or answer without giving any incorrect information, he said.

Hager said that Midland Ministries does monthly competitions in preparation for tournaments.

“We quiz the first Saturday of the month and the teams will typically quiz six or seven times on that particular Saturday,” he said. “We keep stats, and in March we have a regional tournament.”

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