Pastor Tim Doyle and Jose Rodriguez discuss their plans for Restoration Church’s first Spanish speaking service earlier this week.

Located in historic Downtown, Restoration Church is looking to expand its services to the Spanish-speaking community.

Tim Doyle, the church’s pastor, said he believes Restoration has something to offer to local Spanish-speaking families.

“We feel like what we have at Restoration is a unique product, and it really tends to appeal particularly to younger families,” Doyle said. “There are some non-English-speaking families who would enjoy what you maybe would call our [service] is more of a contemporary style.”

Doyle said Restoration has had plans to integrate Spanish-speaking services for years, but he was not sure of how to put those plans into action until he met church member José Rodriguez.

“We’ve been dreaming of it really for five years since we first planted the church. Then God brought us a good man named José Rodriguez, who helped us cast a vision,” Doyle said. “He told us about some of his own friends and family members who didn’t have a church they could attend that really spoke their heart language. It might have spoken their their natural language, but not their heart language.”

Rodriguez, who will be leading the Spanish services at the church, said he approached Doyle with the idea of uniting both native Spanish- and English-speakers with what is now called "Restoraundo Vidas," which translates to “restoration of life.”

“I told Pastor Tim, ‘This is what’s in my heart,’ and he loved it and said, ‘Wow, this is good. This is God. Let’s get things going,’ Rodriguez said.

The name come from Rodriguez’s hope to help restore community members who come to the church.

“We want to reach not just people coming from everywhere, but people from the community to be working with them to restore what’s broken. That was in my heart,” Rodriguez said.

Doyle said he does not want two separate congregations, but rather for members to feel welcome at all services.

“My desire is not that we have a Spanish-speaking congregation inside of our building and we have two churches going, but to start in this place where we could bring the two together to make it a predominantly Spanish-speaking service with an interpreter to interpret for those of us who speak English and see what we could do to kind of blend this family together,” Doyle said.

The first Restaurando Vidas will be a preview service held at 6 p.m. Sunday, July 14, at Restoration Church, 117 Francis St.

To learn more, visit the Restoration Church website at restorationstj.com or call 816-273-0118.

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