Jerry Zweerink opens up about his role in the men minstry at Brookdale Presbyterian Church.

Men at one local church are sharing in a ministry that provides a unique fellowship to them.

Jerry Zweerink, a member of Brookdale Presbyterian Church, has been a leader of the men’s ministry there since 1993.

“My role is kind of as an adviser. I’ve had that role since about 1993,” Zweerink said.

The men’s Bible study is currently examining a specific section of the Bible.

“Right now, we’re doing 2 Corinthians, and we’re doing this discovery method,” Zweerink said. “We really look at ‘What does this say about Christ?’”

The focus of the study is to heal through the scriptures.

“Our purpose is the beauty of the Gospel to the brokeness of life,” Zweerink said. “That’s our purpose at Brookdale Church, and men are broken in a lot of different ways.”

Another focus for the group is bettering relationships with others.

“Men’s role is to love his wife like Christ loved the church. So over and over again we stated that to men and we focus on that with men,” Zweerink said.

One of the leader’s favorite things about working with men is seeing their progress as they go through the program.

“We have men that are growing spiritually and that have their families developing very well. It’s just exciting to see good things happen like that with the men of the church,” Zweerink said.

The men’s ministry leader said the group welcomes all men to come to its meetings.

“We have men that have been marginalized that we reach out to. Men that live in group homes that we go by, pick up and bring them to the Bible study with us,” Zweerink said. “They sometimes can’t take care of themselves anymore and they need to get out and be in a place where other men are.”

To learn more about the Brookdale’s men’s ministry, visit the website online at brookdalechurch.com.

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