Ryan Hildebrand, holds his book ‘The Call of Christ: Rethinking the Church,’ at the Mission Covenant House last week.

A local man recently published his first book, “The Call of Christ: Rethinking the Church.”

Ryan Hildebrand, founder of the Mission Covenant House Community, started writing the book during a time when he felt called to ministry.

“This book basically was just an inspiration that I had back in 2006. God was calling me to the ministry, which is now the Mission House,” Hildebrand said. “It was really just a vision of what the Mission House was and why I was frustrated with normal churches.”

The Mission Covenant House Community, a ministry that allows people who need a place to stay in exchange for work, was born out of Hildebrand’s frustration with structured churches and his passion for ministry.

“I wanted to be in ministry, but unfortunately because of some of the things in my past, a divorce and some other things, honestly the church will not place you in a place of leadership. I knew I was called to leadership, so I just started praying to God and this (the Mission House) was it,” Hildebrand said. “The book was the inspiration of God showing me how to give my life.”

Hildebrand said he sectioned his book into two parts.

“I would say the first half of the book is really just a critique of the way churches are right now. I think there’s a lot of people out there really dissatisfied with church,” he said. “I run into people all the time that are dissatisfied with church on Sunday morning. It’s a kind of a critique of the history and how we got to where we’re at today. Then the second half of the book is my answer.”

The main message of the book is living a life of servitude.

“Really what the book is about in the end is about people who really, really want to dedicate their entire life to serve and not just little bits and pieces. So I want to help inspire people to give their lives, and I want to help turn people on to full-time missionaries,” Hildebrand said.

There will be a book signing for “The Call of Christ: Rethinking the Church” at at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 22, at the St. Joseph Public Library, East Hills branch. For more information on the signing, visit The Call of Christ Facebook page.

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