One group is not only hoping for solutions to St. Joseph’s problems, it’s praying for them.

Prayer for St. Joseph is a multi-denominational group that meets every two weeks. The group, started by local pastor Chuck Rhein more than two years ago, has a mission to “pray for citywide revival in St. Joseph.”

The group meets twice monthly and focuses on specific prayers that will help the community.

Longtime members Ruth and Mike Matthews have been attending since the group began in 2016.

“A local pastor just invited several church leaders, ministry leaders, to come and and just pray together, let’s just pray for our city together,” Ruth Matthews says. “And so they called it Prayer for St. Joseph and set up a Facebook page.”

What currently is going on in the city determines the focus for the group each meeting.

“It kind of changes from week to week depending ... we felt God wants us to pray for specific things or maybe things going on currently in the city,” Ruth Matthews says.

They also pray for city officials in the community as well.

“Every time we pray for people that are in authority and governmental positions, positions of influence in the city,” Ruth Matthews says.

Mike Matthews believes the prayer group serves a specific purpose in the community.

“Somebody needs to pray for the city, and God has a plan for this city. I think the greatest privilege that we have from God is to communicate with him first,” he says.

The prayer group moved around to various locations starting out, but now it meets consistently twice a month at King Hill Christian Church and Mission House Covenant Community.

“I would say about a year and a half ago, we were meeting with Mike and Ruth at their place. They were renting a space for their ministry and we thought this was the perfect place to have it at,” Ryan Hildebrand, of the Mission House, says.

The prayer group will continue to meet twice a month at both locations.

For more information on how to get involved with the prayer group, visit its Facebook page or contact the Mission House Covenant Community.

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