Richard Bradley Keys Christian Fellowship Foursquare Church pastor

Keys Felllowship Christian Foursquare Church opened its church as a shelter to

those who were affected by the flood.

The Keys Christian Fellowship Foursquare Church opened its space to the community last week as a mandatory evacuation was issued due to flooding, and its pastor, Richard Bradley, says the church plans to continue those disaster relief efforts.

The church partnered with the American Red Cross to accommodate those who were impacted by the flood.

“Our gymnasium building is on the list with the county as an emergency shelter should they need a shelter for something, so we are available for that,” he said. “I was contacted by the Red Cross on Thursday morning and they asked if we could open a shelter.”

Members of the church sprung into action.

“By 5 o’clock the shelter was up and running,” Bradley says. “Thankfully, when they responded they had blankets, bedding, food and some other materialistic things that they brought when they brought a disaster response trailer.”

Bradley says that there were a number of evacuees affected by the flood from the area.

“We had 18 evacuees, most of them were from Elwood, some from Missouri from the south part of St. Joe,” he says. “Scripture tells us to love thy neighbor as ourself, and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

Bradley says that he is thankful his church was able to come together and work with the community, as the shelter was open from Thursday through Sunday.

“We’re just blessed to be able to reach into the community,” he says. “We were able to create some relationships with them and just minister to them and love on them and help them through this time in their life.”

Although the shelter is no longer running, the church plans to continue to help with flood relief over the next 24 months by partnering with Foursquare disaster relief, an extension of the denomination.

“We’re going to be in this for at least a minimum of 24 months, because we know that there are going to be times where insurance reaches this limit for some of the victims who have sustained damage of water and the insurance only runs up to a certain amount,” Bradley says.

The church also is collecting cleaning supplies for victims of the flood.

To learn more about the church’s plans or to donate, contact the church at 816-238-3013 or find more information on its Facebook page.

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