Care Portal Combines Efforts with Local Churches

Rev. Bob Miller of Wellspring Community Church is an active participant of the CarePortal network.

Rev. Bob Miller of Wellspring Community Church is an active participant of the CarePortal network.

Local churches are getting involved in a special way with CarePortal, a network that equips churches and ministries to help local children and families in crisis.

CarePortal is a joint effort between child welfare services and churches across the U.S. and a platform of The Global Orphan project.

Child welfare professionals send out specific needs and churches are notified to fulfill them.

Wellspring Community Church is one of about a dozen churches in Buchanan and Andrew counties that connects to CarePortal. The church has been a member of the CarePortal network since 2016.

Wellspring Community Church holds monthly meetings to asses the requests put through CarePortal and works out how they can reach out to the community for help.

The Rev. Bob Miller of the church notes that the network operates in three tiers: physical, relational and family.

Tier one, physical, is the primary tier that the church focuses on. This provides resources to stabilize the environment of children and their caregivers. These needs include items such as beds, mattresses, clothing, blankets and refrigerators.

Tier two, relational, focuses on needs that support children and families through time and relationships.

Tier three, family, opens up homes to children and family, both temporarily and permanently.

“We very recently in our church had folks go through the adoption process, we’ve had others who are continuing to get lessons for foster care,” Miller says.

While the church focuses primarily on all tiers of needs, Miller notes they see a lot of requests for mattresses, beds and bedbug prevention.

While there are currently only 12 churches involved in the area, Miller hopes for other churches to get

on board.

“There’s always more room for more churches, so anyone that’s interested in finding out more about CarePortal, I’d be happy to talk with them and their pastor to let them know what it looks like to be a part of our network,” Miller says.

To find out how you can get involved with CarePortal, visit

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